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Polarity.Vault – Cloud security for your finances, that you can trust.

Historically key management has been a serious headache for users of all cryptographic currencies. Leveraging our state of the art CAUTH2.0 framework and the TurtleNetwork blockchain we are able to provide an unseen level of blockchain security for your finances.


Peace of mind

Hackers can no longer get your funds if they brute force you if you have secured your blockchain account with our 2FA smart contract system.

Trusted encryption

Your seed could not be safer, we use industry standard AES-256 to ensure that when you upload a seed to the Vault it is being encrypted by a password only you know, on your local end, we will never see your keys.

Ease of access

There is no number to the amount of seeds a user can currently store with us! Get all your keys into the Vault and see how easy it is to manage multiple accounts today.

Innovative application

Vault is a twist on modern password storage utility applications. You can carry your Vault with you securely anywhere you go, as long as you have internet you are on the front lines with CryptoBrokersGlobal.

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