Polarity.Exchange — The DEX that feels like a CEX. Unrivaled security and user protection come first.


Customize your trading experience with our flexible dashboard. Which currencies do you care to see? The decision rests in your hands.

All supported currencies will be available for selections from the dashboard to watch.

In time you will see this homepage transform into a much more informative center that is reflective of each persons portfolio progress, as opposed to being only loosely informational.

Curated listings and AMM

Polarity.Exchange is about enabling users to transact. This means having liquidity, and we bring that, it may not be visible on the books but if you look on the blockchain, you can see the wallets have alot more collateral then you see only on the orderbooks.

If you post an order you can expect:

  • The order will immediately post
  • The order will cost you only $0.01USDT
  • If the price passes your order it will fill.
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