Security Services

CryptoBrokersGlobal has a serious focus on developing secuity applications which are not only useful, but accessible to users of all audiences, without compromising on any level.

We specialize in Smart Contracts and Decentralized Security Solutions.

2FA Multisig ( Cold )

Leveraging the power of the blockchain, you can secure your account and its seed  with Polarity.Security and the Vault for unparalleled security and access. If a hacker gets the seed of a multisig user they will be unable to get the funds out of the account since it it locked with 2FA email confirmations for any single type of account action onchain.

2FA Multisig (Trading | Hot)

It costs less than 10 cents to switch between modes, allowing you to effortlessly and quickly get to trading. All operations that do not require the exchange are locked by 2FA multisig. This solution might be considered ideal by some operators of bot software. When you have finished a trading session it only takes a second to get back to Cold!

Secure Node

All smart contracts are forced to only authorize transactions which have been broadcast through our custom secure node! While we initially provide this security service entirely for free we will eventually charge a small service fee. Polarity is here to keep users safe and do it afforably for all.


How secure is our 2FA multisig? You can read about the technicals on Tony’s Blog.

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Security does not have to be only for the experts..

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